Farming a Better Sweetener

The most sugar-like stevia sweeteners start with the best leaf. Our proprietary Starleaf stevia variety contains 20x more of the sugar-like content than standard leaf varieties.

The extract from this non-GMO proprietary leaf variety provides beverage and food developers a plant-based, zero-calorie sweetener to produce finished products with more upfront sweetness, no bitter linger and a sugar-like taste. This new variety will support developers in achieving deeper levels of sugar reduction in their final products without sacrificing taste.

Traditional Cross-Breeding Practices

The PureCircle Stevia Agronomy Program led to the cultivation of the Starleaf stevia plant variety through traditional cross-breeding practices. Starleaf stevia is pollinated by PureCircle’s thousands of bees, which are integral to the growth and development of Starleaf stevia plants.

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Growing and Scaling Starleaf

PureCircle utilizes a wide and expanding global agricultural network for its stevia supply, sourcing it from an increasing number of countries around the world, including new farming partnership programs in the United States.

The PureCircle Stevia Agronomy Program is committed to creating the world’s largest, non-GMO stevia supply from plant to ingredient, to meet the demands of the global food and beverage industry. PureCircle works closely with companies to achieve deeper sugar reductions to maintain the great taste of their products. Extracts from Starleaf stevia makes achieving great taste with plant-based, zero-calorie sweeteners possible.

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