Extracts from Starleaf Stevia

Our robust ingredient portfolio all starts with growing a superior leaf — Starleaf stevia. The Starleaf variety allows us to create the best-tasting stevia ingredients for food and beverage companies.

Extracts from Starleaf stevia is more sugar-like in taste, and offers fuller sweetness quality without linger. This makes it an easier ingredient to work with compared to conventional stevia varieties.

For zero and low calorie products, ingredients from StarLeaf provide the most sugar-like taste across a wide range of applications and sugar reductions.


Sigma Solutions

To fully tailor a stevia solution to your product, we recommend using PureCircle’s customizable Sigma Solutions approach and experimental design process.

For companies looking for a range of category specific solutions including beverages, dairy and tea, we offer a range of off-the-shelf products to meet your product’s needs.

Our team can co-develop a unique customized formulation to optimize the specific taste profile and reduce develop time of your product as part of our Sigma-Xcelerator experimental process.

Sigma Solutions helps you bring your great-tasting product to market faster.

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Conventional Stevia Ingredients

We recognize your product has unique sweetness and taste needs. This is why we understand and utilize all of the sweet molecules found naturally in the stevia leaf which provide a range of different taste and performance attributes to create the best-tasting food and beverage products.

Products like Reb A, SG95 and Alpha canThese products help maximize your products’ taste performance, or achieve more modest levels of sugar reduction

Let PureCircle Help You

As a full-service stevia company, we want to cater to your unique requirements. Our specialists will be able to provide you with efficient and industry-leading solutions for your food and beverage products.

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