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There are many global idiosyncrasies when it comes to the use of stevia and the different steviol glycosides in a product. When partnering with us, our Scientific & Regulatory Affairs team can help guide you through the process in your area of the world and help to keep you informed on the latest developments. Access the most up-to-date information on stevia guidelines and restrictions to better understand what is approved in your area or how your formulation can be part of a global rollout.

Approvals Across The Globe

While SRA support provides in-depth information on stevia guidelines, this regulatory map of approvals offers you a quick snapshot on the countries where stevia is approved for use. Hover over it to see a more expanded view and list of countries.

Stevia and stevia sweeteners or steviol glycosides have a long history of safe use in several countries, including Paraguay where it has been consumed for hundreds of years and in Japan where it’s been used as a sweetener since 1971. To read more about these approvals, please use one of the links below to visit some of the major regulatory bodies or country-specific regulatory authorities that have approved stevia leaf extract for use in foods and beverages.

Other Approvals: Stevia sweeteners are approved for use in more than 60 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, China, Columbia, Ecuador, Egypt, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Oman, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, Uruguay, Thailand, Taiwan and many more.

Categories Approved

Stevia products have gone through a rigorous application process with regulatory agencies in different markets to ensure they are of the utmost quality and that they meet each market’s usage level demands. The categories approved vary somewhat from one country to another. Some of the categories approved by Codex include the following:

Aromatized alcoholic beverages

Breakfast Cereal

Baked Goods

Canned and bottled fruit

Confectionery and chocolate

Dairy-based desserts

Dairy-based drinks

Dietetic foods for special medical purposes

Edible ices

Egg-based desserts

Fish and fish-products

Fruit-based spreads, fillings, jelly and jam

Heat-treated meat products


Sauces and gravies

Soups and broths

Soy beverages

Table-top sweeteners

Water-based flavored beverages, and many more

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