Stevia Extract Reduces Signs of Fatty Liver Disease

by PureCircle | May 15, 2020 | Featured Insight & Resources, Product Information SHARE: 

A new study led by Rohit Kohli, MBBS, MS, shows stevia extract reduces markers of fatty liver disease. The results were published in the journal Scientific Reportsand have led to an additional clinical trial which is now in progress.

According to Dr. Kohil, “Stevia extract lowers glucose levels and improves markers of fatty liver disease.” The markers he refers to include fibrosis and fat levels in the liver. Additionally the study produced findings related to potential mechanisms, which could be responsible for reversing markers of fatty liver disease. “We saw a decrease in signs of cellular stress and some changes in the gut microbiome,” says Dr. Kohli, “but there is more work to do in order for us to understand the clinical relevance.”

The study can be found here.