• Growing StarLeaf™

    What is Stevia?

    Stevia is a naturally sweet plant, and a member of the sunflower family, discovered over 200 years ago. It’s up to 350x sweeter than sugar, making it mother nature’s zero-calorie sweetener.

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  • Reducing Sugar & Improving Sweetness

    Reducing Sugar & Improving Sweetness

    Unlock new paths to great taste with PureCircle’s robust range of sweeteners and flavors.

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  • Working Together

    Working Together

    We make your work with stevia ingredients easy. When you partner with PureCircle, you gain access to all of our experts, tools and insights needed to launch your next stevia-based product.

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  • Sweet In So Many Ways

    The leaf of the stevia plant adds a naturally sweet taste to the food and drinks you love. And has the power to bring good to the land where it’s grown, the farmers who nurture it and the health of the world. Version en españolRead More »

Health Science:

Your Guide to Health and Science Resources

The PureCircle Stevia Institute engages with the scientific experts around the world to provide comprehensive stevia information.

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