Our sourcing strategies and breeding techniques are designed to continually create the best tasting stevia varieties.

Leaf Sourcing and Nursery Operations

We lead the industry on all key measures of leaf supply – controlled supply hectares, quality improvements, geographical diversification and expansion, next generation research and nursery and agricultural management.

Some of our most valuable relationships are the relationships we have created with our farmers across the globe. These small-scale, independent farmers are our main source for our stevia leaf supply. We have created partnerships with them for the best, most secure supply of stevia leaf as well as a commitment to improve the lives of their families and communities.


25,000 Famers

We strive to provide them with the tools and resources to improve their crops as well as their livelihoods.

250 Million Seedlings/Cuttlings

We supply our farmers with the seedlings and tools to grow the highest quality stevia.

140 Agronomists

We offer farmers additional training to grow stevia according to our sustainable farming practices.

In many regions, we also guarantee incomes for farmers at the end of the season to help them continue to invest and grow their stevia business.

The Next Generation of Stevia

Our natural stevia plant breeding program is expanding the ways in which we can bring the best tasting stevia extracts to mainstream food and beverage products. Our conventional, cross-pollination efforts have been practiced for hundreds of years and significantly accelerate our ability to develop a quality leaf supply that delivers on taste.