By stewarding every part of the supply chain, we discover ways to improve taste at every stage of the journey.

The Stevia Leaf

At the heart and soul of our supply chain sits the stevia leaf. Stevia is a naturally sweet plant native to South America that has been used by the indigenous people there for hundreds of years. The sweet tasting parts of the leaf are 200-350 times sweeter than sugar – making a little go a long way to sweeten the foods and beverages you love with zero calories.

Learn more about the science and complexities of this leaf.

Stevia Cultivation – Where Taste Innovation Begins

Industry-defining innovation starts from the ground up – with the cultivation of the stevia plant – and no other company has invested more. Our proprietary leaf varieties are the very source of our many taste breakthroughs. By perfecting natural, cross-pollination methods, we are able to maximize the potential of the leaf right from the seed and innovate new, distinct varieties of stevia for a greater diversification of stevia solutions.

Production – A Higher Quality of Sweetness

Our optimized, patented extraction process provides unmatched quality and consistency to ensure optimal product taste performance. With the largest extraction facilities in the world, we can deliver the best stevia products on a scale that service global demands.

Application and Finished Products

Our stevia experts have dedicated themselves to understanding all parts of the stevia leaf and how they impacts taste. This knowledge and drive for the next taste breakthrough has led to a growing portfolio of 14 sweeteners and flavors. Combined with our centers of category excellence, our experts are available to consult with you on the best stevia combinations that will work in your application. Our innovative portfolio plus our category knowledge are the keys to your next product success.


Socially Responsible Supply Chain

Not only does vertical integration ensure the finest quality, most diversified portfolio of natural sweeteners, it plays a major role in our commitment to the future health of our planet. Learn more about how stevia’s sustainable nature helps people and the planet.

Doing Business the Right Way

Operating with integrity is vital to our mission and development of the stevia industry. PureCircle believes that conducting business ethically and striving to do the right thing with our employees and business partners are key elements to sustained success.