The Stevia Story

Originally from South America the stevia plant is naturally sweet and has been used to sweeten beverages for more than 200 years. Stevia contains no calories and is 200 – 350 times sweeter than sugar, making it a preferred substitute for creating lower calorie and more natural alternatives in the food and beverage market. Today, stevia leaf extract is a sweetener and flavor enhancer that is becoming popular all across the globe with more than 4 billion people having access to stevia products.

Currently, PureCircle’s stevia is grown on four continents and we are looking for growth opportunities around the world.

Partnering With PureCircle

Not only is growing stevia sustainable for the planet, but it is also sustainable for your farm. With PureCircle, you have full visibility of your future revenue. Our company guarantees a price on stevia plants so you do not have to worry about market fluctuations and a buy-back contract.

We work with tens of thousands of growers, giving them access to proprietary varieties so they can be sure to benefit from the global leaf market under favorable and competitive conditions. This creates a reliable supply of ethically and sustainably sourced stevia that positively contributes to livelihoods.

Understanding how to always be a step ahead is critical to our success and our farmers and partners understand and value that. A reduced risk, our buyback guarantee, extensive technical support and constant research to find the best, high quality stevia varieties – just a few of the reasons that many growers work with us. Come join our team.

Growing Stevia

Stevia is best grown from seedlings, which can be acquired with the help of PureCircle’s support team. To facilitate growth, a nursery is required for early development. In-field crop protection inputs are minimal compared to intensely farmed food crops because there is minimum pest disease occurrence. Where conditions are right, first harvest can occur 3 months after planting, and mature plants can be harvested up to four times per year thereafter.

To produce the best yields, the following conditions are considered ideal for growing stevia:

  • Rainfall: Maximum 2000/2300 mm/year well spread during the year.
  • Without Rainfall: Stevia can also be grown in dry areas with drip irrigation so long as there is access to good, clean water.
  • Temperature: 15°C to 35°C.
  • Soil: Sandy loam with pH from 5.5 to 6.5. High organic matter.
  • Sun: 12 hours a day.
  • Altitude: Preferable below 1000m but up to 1800m.


Stevia is a sustainable crop that farmers have found easily manageable throughout each stage, and because it is so intensely sweet, the plant requires less land than many other natural origin sweeteners. The plant is often considered a cash crop for farmers and can be grown in conjunction with other crops while providing income multiple times per year, it is easily adaptable to small or large scale farms. In addition, commercial farmers looking to diversity will find stevia is a very good alternative to their existing crops.


The majority of stevia is harvested by hand with small scale growers, but can be mechanized for large scale farms – and then easily dried before transporting. The harvest process is usually less stressful than other crops because stevia does not to be transported when fresh.

On average, the stevia growth cycle is three months enabling farmers to harvest the crop multiple times a year and providing regular income year round.

A Sustainable Crop

Crop rotation:

Stevia is part of the sunflower family and can provide a solution as part of a sustainable crop rotation, therefore protecting long-term farm health.

Water conservation:

Dependent on local conditions, stevia crops can save significant amounts of water compared to other commercial crops such as vegetables.

Reduced crop protection input:

Stevia is also a resilient crop when it comes to pests and diseases. Compared to other commercial crops, it allows for much reduced crop protection input.

Products launched using Stevia


Why Grow Stevia

The world is facing an unprecedented health challenge, and in the fight against obesity, type II diabetes and other related conditions, product reformulation is an increasingly popular tool.

Sugar reduction has become a major topic for most leading food and beverage brands around the world, and as consumers seek more and more naturality, stevia is the fastest growing high intensity sweetener in the world.

As a new sweetening option, zero calorie natural origin stevia is constantly generating new demand for leaf – as it is going into mainstream foods and beverages around the world.

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