We are making stevia mainstream with the most robust stevia ingredient portfolio in the industry.

Our Portfolio

For us, a robust ingredient portfolio all starts with growing a superior stevia leaf and innovation beginning with the seed. This allows us to understand the stevia leaf better than anyone else in the business and thus mine the best parts of the leaf to create the best tasting stevia ingredients. To address variability within categories and product formulations, we have 14 different stevia sweeteners and flavors across our product portfolio to drive solutions – from simple to complex. Our customizable approach and experimental design process makes it possible to cover a wide range of sugar reductions and overcome taste challenges. Discover what our product families have to offer.

SG95 Family
The SG95 Family of ingredients are ideal for complex flavor systems that require moderate sugar reductions. At lower sugar reductions, SG95 provides the most economic option and works well across all categories and flavor systems.
Reb A Family
The original ingredient in the PureCircle portfolio, the Reb A Family delivers the upfront sweetness needed in moderate to deep reductions. Typically used at higher levels, we will bring in other stevia products from our formulators toolbox to offset bitter and licorice notes.
Alpha Family
The Alpha Family not only has a very clean taste profile, but can also suppress bitter and sour notes from other flavor systems. This type of performance makes it a perfect fit for moderate sugar reductions, especially in delicate flavor systems.
Delta Family
The clean taste profile and steep sweetness curve makes the Delta Family a perfect addition to formulations with deep sugar reduction goals. These ingredients can help stevia formulas achieve a sugar reduction of 8 brix or more across a wide range of food and beverage products.
PureCircle Flavors Family
The PureCircle Flavors Family naturally enhances a range of flavor notes from tropical/fruit flavors to earthy flavor notes. In addition, these flavors can also enhance sensory attributes of a product’s sweetener system such as upfront sweetness, a more rounded sweetness profiles and reduction in bitter or linger.
The Zeta Family
The Zeta Family ingredients are made with steviol glycosides with the most sugar-like taste, such as Reb M, Reb D, and others. This makes them ideal for low-to-zero calorie formulations where there is a desire for a very clean, sugar-like taste. This family delivers upfront sweetness and works well across all flavor systems.


Introducing the next stevia innovation with category specific products that conquer breakthrough taste + speed to market

These category-specific stevia solutions allow deeper sugar reductions without compromising taste—preserving true flavor and superior mouthfeel. Applications developed with Sigma ingredients have dramatic reductions in bitterness, astringency and off-notes.

Sigma Solutions Difference

  • Performs similarly to sugar
  • Allows for deeper sugar reductions
  • Designed for optimal application performance
  • Reduced development time 30-50%
Sigma Solutions Products

  • Dairy specific solution, Sigma-Dairy
  • Tea specific solution, Sigma-Tea
  • Beverage specific solution, Sigma-Beverage

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