Our search for the best performing stevia sweetener led us to PureCircle Alpha, the next generation of stevia beyond Reb A. PureCircle Alpha is a proprietary combination of steviol glycosides, with a clean, sugar-like taste capable of achieving deeper calorie reductions in foods and beverages.

We have developed dozens of ready-to-go formulations across food and beverage categories, including carbonated soft drinks, tea and dairy products. Rigorous testing and sensory evaluation have shown an improved taste and sweetness profile compared with other stevia ingredients.

Each ingredient in our portfolio offers a solution for a specific formulation need. PureCircle Alpha, a highest quality stevia ingredient with the best taste profile, can deliver superior natural calorie reduction in foods and beverages.

Benefits of PureCircle Alpha

  • Natural
  • No calories
  • Similar taste profile to sugar
  • Ideal for zero or low calorie products
  • Reduced bitterness in most formulations
  • More rounded sweetness peak
  • Low glycemic load, safe for diabetics
  • High solubility, ideal for diverse food applications
  • Heat stable, suitable for cooking
  • Toothfriendly
  • pH stable
  • Non-fermenting
  • Excellent shelf life
  • Photo stable
  • JECFA compliant
  • Simple labeling

PureCircle Alpha leads the industry into the next generation of stevia. To receive a sample please contact info@purecircle.com.