At PureCircle, we’ve dedicated our
business to producing the best,
natural origin, zero-calorie
sweetener made from the stevia


From reducing our impact on the environment through sustainable farming techniques, to educating the farmers and communities who grow it, to producing a lower carbon footprint lower than other natural sweeteners while saving billions of calories with deliciously sweet results, this little plant has an incredible impact on the planet and the people it touches.

Our Mission

Growing public health concerns around obesity and increasing need to improve diets continue to fuel consumer demands for solutions from the food and beverage industry. Around the globe, consumers want more natural, healthy, sustainable ingredients: they want products that are good for them, their families and the planet. Our Mission is to encourage healthier diets around the world through the supply of natural ingredients to the global food and beverage industry. To accomplish this, we remain fully committed to five platforms.


  • Fully Sustainable Supply Chain

    Translating supply chain integration into environmental advantage

  • Innovation and Technical Development

    Creating competitive advantage through world class innovation and customer technical support

  • Health Professional Advocacy

    Providing confidence to the industry through the Global Stevia Institute

  • Consumer Insights and Communication

    Expanding the adoption of the Stevia PureCircle trustmark to support compelling consumer communications

  • Everything Stevia

    Establishing ourselves as the “Everything Stevia” company— from marketing services to integrated communications

Our Vision

Since our incorporation in 2001, PureCircle has focused exclusively on stevia. Our vision is to create a global mass volume natural ingredient market based on stevia. Working with partners, customers, and suppliers, we are focused on what is needed to make this vision a reality: delivering great taste, ensuring consumer acceptance, fostering ingredient advocacy and delivering scaled supply in a responsible, sustainable manner.