Changing the conversation around sweetness to encourage healthier diets through
the global expansion of stevia.

Visionaries Of Sweet

As the world’s leading producer of high purity stevia ingredients, we aim to leverage this small leaf’s huge influence on the world. Our passion for reducing calories with a naturally sweet option that doesn’t compromise on taste is complemented by our desire to have a positive impact on the planet.

Vertically Integrated
Supply Chain Is The
Key To Unlock
Great Taste

From plant breeding and harvesting through extraction and application – vertical integration has allowed us to discover taste innovations at each step of the journey. Starting with the seed, we have perfected natural breeding methods to maximize the best tasting parts of the leaf. Our patented extraction and purification process protects the quality and sweet attributes. And lastly, our specialized experts are able to apply their deep stevia knowledge to product specific solutions.

A Commitment To Tomorrow

Along with playing a major role in ensuring greater taste and health benefits, our involvement throughout the supply chain enables us to be a key leader in corporate social responsibility.

From the outset, we have integrated sustainability directly into the business. We take a holistic approach to the stevia industry while doing good for the world. Take a closer look at how we deliver products for today while protecting tomorrow.

Let The Journey Begin

Collaboration is at the core of everything we do. Partner with us to apply our deep stevia expertise and robust portfolio to your next taste breakthrough. Together we can innovate to solve your biggest formulation challenges.


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