The ideal tools to highlight the benefits of stevia with your consumers.

Purecircle Insights Group

Know your stevia consumer

PureCircle Insights Group is your access to proprietary research that can help answer your top consumer driven questions like:

  • What are current stevia trends in the marketplace?
  • What do consumers think about stevia?
  • How does adding stevia impact purchase intent?
  • How should I communicate stevia to consumers?
  • What are examples of successful brands?
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Stevia Purecircle Trustmark

The power of communicating quality

The Stevia PureCircle Trustmark provides consumers reassurance of quality and traceability. It also offers consumers an interactive, educational experience to further their understanding of stevia. The use of the Stevia PureCircle Trustmark has grown steadily to more than 30 countries. It is easy to integrate into any of your marketing touch points, such as print ads, on-pack communication, social media and more.

Global Stevia Institute

Science-based information on health and safety

Experts from around the world provide science-based information to educate both influencers and consumers on the benefits of stevia. The website includes a breadth of digital resources to utilize for outreach and engagement efforts. Access everything from links to detailed studies on stevia’s safety and health benefits to basic stevia facts and recipe ideas.