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At PureCircle, we know that the best tasting stevia starts with the leaf.  The PureCircle Agronomy Program is designed to provide our farmers with the best tools, techniques and plant varieties that are unmatched in the stevia industry. With this unique program we have been able to make advances with the stevia leaf starting at the seed and provide our farmer partners with the best, proprietary stevia to grow as a sustainable crop.


At PureCircle, we deeply value our relationships with our farming communities and we share success as we grow this business. We believe in establishing trust, teaching best practices and community betterment so that we can support income growth with these communities and better their lives.

Hear from farmers and our agronomists to learn how stevia has become so very important to people all over the world.

New Opportunities

Year-round Income

Enhancing Livelihoods

Working Together

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Growing Stevia Around the World

Today, we currently grow stevia leaf in Paraguay, China and Kenya with plans to build a year-round pipeline. Over the next five years, our goal is to expand agricultural operations to more than 15 countries and scale naturally by adding 10,000 hectares to our leaf sourcing program.

Innovating Through Agronomy

For PureCircle, science and research play a critical role in understanding what parts of the leaf taste the best and helping us to grow a natural, sustainable and diversified stevia leaf crop around the world.

Plant Research

Understanding how the parts of the stevia plant contribute to taste & performance attributes.

New Varieties

Using traditional, crossbreeding to create the healthiest & best tasting stevia plants.

Nursery Research

On-the-ground research to learn how best to grow the different stevia varieties.

Country Research

Learning how to work with the changing growing conditions from country to county.